Celebrating Alumni& Donors
Evening of Distinction and Determination

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Thank you to Ford Motor Company for sponsoring this evening and their continued partnership.

Chuck Gray
Event Host

Chuck Gray '87


An Evening of Distinction & Determination celebrating the 2023 KGMIAA Alumni Award Winners and recognizing generous donors was held at The Henry Ford Museum on Thursday, October 26.

2023 Alumni Awardees
Paul Bascobert
Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award

Paul Bascobert ‘87
Short Bio

This award is given in recognition to an individual who has made specific and exceptional career achievements (traditionally given to people at the highest level in the corporate structure).

Lori Flees
Extraordinary Leadership Award

Lori Flees ‘93
Short Bio

This award recognizes graduates who hold leadership positions in global corporations, inspiring their teams to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

John Suh
Engineering Achievement Award

John Suh ‘90
Short Bio

This award recognizes an individual who has made specific contributions with positive and lasting effects in the field of engineering.

Ray Lum
Civic Achievement Award

Kai "Ray" Lum ‘78
Short Bio

This award honors an individual who has made significant and selfless contributions of time and effort that benefit the community.

Sean McBurney '03
Management Achievement Award

Sean McBurney ‘03
Short Bio

This award is given to an individual who has made specific contributions with positive and lasting effects in the field of management.


Steven Schwartz
Entreprenurial Achievement Award

Steven Schwartz ‘08
Short Bio

This award pays tribute to an individual who has made specific contributions in organizing, managing, and assuming the risk of a business or enterprise.

Yvonne Brooks
Alumni Service Award

Yvonne Brooks ‘07
Short Bio

This award honors an individual who has given outstanding volunteer service to the University.

Peter Deppe '20
Young Alumni Award

Peter Deppe ‘20
Short Bio

The Young Alumni award is given to a graduate within the previous ten years who has rendered significant contributions, exhibited outstanding character, or achieved marked success.

The University acknowledges the donors whose increased support resulted in recognition in these Kettering University Donor Societies.  

The Albert Sobey Society

Robert '60*, Eng.D. hc and Claire Reiss

The Bell Tower Society

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Jones '72

The Valentine Foundation

The Scholars Society

Deborah Gail Tomusko '80*

The 1919 Society

Center for Arab American Philanthropy

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Walter M. '77 and Carol S. Rosebrough

The Innovator Society

James '64 and Marilyn Armstrong

Brady D. Ericson '94, Eng.D. hc and Tiffany Ericson

Kern L. '60 and Janet C. Fischer

John '71 and Mary Sue Gunzburger

Keith Ridler '75

Robotics Education & Competition Foundation; REC Foundation

The Founders Society

Paul '87 and Jane Bascobert

Ronald F. Buck '59

Christopher Echols`97, M`22 Scholarship Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jacobs '55

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Eta Eta Chapter

Gregory Salisbury '94 and Joyce A. Lindblom Salisbury '93


The Founders Society, cont.

Don '73 and Carol Sepeta

Timothy K. Willis '88

The General Determination Society

Richard '66 and Johanne Dixon*

Raymond C. Dymale '70

KING Health

James A., Jr. '74 and Kathleen* McCaslin

The President's Circle

Richard R. DeNardis '72

Duck Creek Technologies

Stephen '68 and Diane Hiatt

Richard '59 and Florence Hughes

Philip A. '67* and Judith E. McComish

Wesley J. McCracken '82

Jennifer J. Patterson

Bernard J. '65 and Sharon D. Platte

Trustee Designated Gift from Monique Wells,
Program Committee, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

John '69 and Kandy Ronayne

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Smith '77, M '85

John D. Soltau '69

Randall H. '79 and Pat Walter

Gordon '71 and Anne Weller

Kenneth E. Williams


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The Evening of Distinction and Determination is held in partnership with the Kettering/GMI Alumni Association.