Private Loans

Non-Government Loans

Private student loans are made by banks, credit unions or finance companies, typically to students who need to borrow more than the federal loan limits allow.

Private Loan Notice

Private Student Loans are loans offered by non-government financial institutions specifically to assist in the cost of attending college.

Kettering University uses strict criteria based on your interests and not those of our institution when determining which lenders to include in our private loan information. We recognize only those lenders who provide you with exceptional customer service; excellent incentives, timely processing, and electronic funds transfer capabilities when possible. However, you are free to select any lender you choose, including those not presented on our lender list.

Our financial aid specialists are always available to answer any questions you might have.   

Call (800) 955-4464 ext. 7859 or (810) 762-7859 or email

Take Advantage of Your Aid Options

You should make sure you have exhausted all of your federal financial aid options by completing the FAFSA before deciding to apply for a private student loan.