Work Study

Federal Work Study Program

The purpose of the Federal Work Study Program is to give part-time employment to students who need the income to help meet the cost of their post secondary education and to encourage FWS recipients to participate in community service activities. A student must have financial need to be eligible for a FWS job. A portion of FWS funds will be used to fund workers for community service employment.

Open positions are posted in Bulldog Central, Kettering University's intranet (available to admitted and current students). These positions change depending on the needs of departments on campus but typically are for jobs like office assistant, recreation center assistance, academic tutor and lab monitor.

Working on-campus will allow you to work a part-time job (approx. 9hrs/wk) and earn some extra cash! All on-campus positions now earn $12/hr!*

*Some specialty positions will earn more: see hiring coordinator for more information.

  • New on-campus employees are required to complete an I9/W4.
  • You are required to submit two types of original identification with your completed I9 form.
    • If you have a U.S. Passport, that will satisfy both requirements of identification. Otherwise, please bring the following identification with you to campus (one from each group):

                         1. Driver's License or School ID

                         2. Social Security Card or Birth Certificate

You will also be required to submit a bank letter, on letterhead, that includes your account and routing numbers OR a voided check for direct deposits.